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Cabals is online!

Online card game revolution is here!

Kyy Games is proud to announce the release of Cabals: The Card game and a new era of cross-platform online play. Never before have players with iPhone, iPad, Android devices or browsers been able to play against each other in such an exciting, dynamic environment.

Regardless of the platform, Cabals: The Card Game comes with a full set of features and is free to download and play.

Cabals: The Card Game is a revolutionary, new online card game. It invites players to collect cards, discover new tricks and tactics, and test their skills against single player and online opponents. With an original game board, 4 cabals, over 70 different cards, and more coming in regular updates, Cabals: The Card Game offers unmatched depth and variety.

Unique Cross-platform Multiplayer

Cabals: The Card Game has been a true labor of love for the development team.

"Cabals: The Card Game is the game we have always wanted to make", says Mika Rosendahl, CEO of Kyy Games. "So when we finally had all the pieces in place, we made sure we were doing everything right."

For Kyy Games, this meant taking full advantage of the online capabilities of the smart devices.

Cabals: The Card Game's unique cross-platform online matches pit iPhone, iPad, Android and browser players against each other. The online play is free and includes a full matchmaking system and global leaderboards. All players have to do is download the game, log in, and start playing.

Enter the World of Cabals

The world of Cabals: The Card Game is ruled by secret societies looking to harness esoteric powers to their own ends. It's a world of witches and their faery allies, of golems and other alchemical creations. A world where Rasputin taps into the powers of the shamans, and engineers combine strange Vril energy with the latest technological marvels. It is brought to life by the stunning art and the help of the award-winning author Johanna Sinisalo.

Cabals: The Card Game is now available in iTunes App Store, Android Marketplace and Amazon Appstore.

For more information and a chance to play Cabals: The Card Game directly on your computer, visit


Press kits

Cabals Press Kit - Core (4Mb)

Including: Logos, icons, screenshots, splash, how to play, Cabals Fact sheet, Kyy Games fact sheet

Cabals Press Kit - Full (73Mb)

Also including: High quality game art samples


Cabals available:


Windows - Standalone

Mac - Standalone

Android Market

Android download