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Cabals: The Card Game Announced!

Free to get, easy to approach, exciting to play, deep to master.

Kyy Games is proud to announce Cabals: The Card Game - an upcoming online trading card game (TCG) for iOS, Android and browsers.

The World of Cabals

Belle Époque has come crashing down, and conflict and tensions are rising all over the world. In the middle of the turmoil, a different struggle for power begins. It's a war fought in the shadows. A war of opposing ideologies, over influence and a chance to shape the future of the humankind.

It's a war between Cabals, secret societies dedicated to harnessing the esoteric powers to their own ends. They set the mystical leaders of old, primal Russia against undead soldiers, and the alchemical creations seeking to dominate the nature against the awakened Sidhe.

Game Information

Cabals: The Card Game is an exciting new online trading card game that you can play for free anywhere, at any time.

It re-invents the genre with a gameboard that brings a whole new tactical dimension into the game. Two ways to win, four Cabals with their own distinct playing styles, and different board layouts make sure that no two matches play alike.

Community that can affect the way the game and its world develops, and the regular flow of new cards, tweaks and other updates keep the game fresh and you entertained for month after month.

Cabals: The Card Game launches in the late Summer 2011. More details and the official website will be published in early June.

More Information

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